Re:how to connect a sent fin keel to the hull.

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Have you so far used the translate/move tools to get it very close to the hull and position and alignment?

I haven’t tried it (other than to import and mirror a rudder to be twin rudders) and have not put too much into it. I am thinking, however, you may need to use the imported part as a guide, and then add points to the hull and move those edges to match the imported part.

But, if the angles/pitch/chord etc. are not ideal, you may have to do this over and over until you like what you have.


I’m wondering whether it would be useful if DS Pro would have (or, does it have) a capability to interactively modify chord/length of fins (fixed and/or active) to change hydros in a narrow band of interest of a designer.

I find that when i modify my hull i get improvements in various speed bands depending on the draft settings. I was thinking it would be really nice if DS could “hint at predictable improvements” by displaying a color line along non-ideal regions based on speed/displacement targets. The Free! version would still be manual, but the user might have fun being distracted by a new feature. An enhancement in the Pro version might allow for dealing with four fins but maybe automatically and independently adjust the fins separate from the hull geometry.

Just some finning ideas.