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but i couldn’t remember how I made it in the first place :/ I quess you mean the deck.
highligh your sheer boundary edge
Ctrl key and click on the sheer edge, it turns yellow.
go to Edit–>Edge–>Extrude.
The Extrusion box will appear, (in the Transverse slot type minus -2.00 (if you want a camber in your deck) in the Vertical slot type 0.10 then press OK.
In the Plan View on the extruded yellow line click on all the control points one at a time (they have gone to far to the starboard side) in the Coordinate Box type 0.0 in the Y coordinate and they will all go back to the centreline. deck finished.
Rubbing Stake, highlight the sheer line, turns yellow go to extrude but this time in the Transverse slot type (not minus) but 0.05mm, then extrude, then extrude again 0.05mm upwards (vertical slot) then extrude to the centreline like I just explained.
If you want your rubbing stake to have round edges, this is after your done your deck, hightlight both outer edges of your rubbing stake and press the Crease button they will change colour from red to normal crease, a thin gray line, if your want to see what it looks like after your finished, right mouse buttom—>mode–> shade. it might be a good idea to copy and paste this out then print this post, copy to Notepad.