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Ian Scales

I’m not the resident site expert, but your query hasn’t been answered and maybe I need good karma, so:

With the free version of DS, you don’t have the IGES import option that is in the Pro version.

Look at what the manual says about import, in both section 11.8 (import markers, where you use your existing drawing as a guide for a newly constructed model in DS) and section 6 (to import points that DS will use directly). The manual doesn’t mention that you can also import a vrml file.

So either 1) save you model as a vrml, and import. The vrml model won’t be very nice to use as the basis for further editing in DS because it will be a surface made of triangles and generally horrible, but probably good enough for the hydrostatics.

or 2) In SU or TC, create curves that are slices (i.e. contours) through your model; then

2a) For using the data direct, you need to extract and save in TC or SU a txt file that contains the coordinates of the vertices of these curves. Read the DS manual to know the format, see example file that came with DS. You will get a DS model, but remember that garbage in = garbage out.

2b) To use as markers for building a new model (like tracings you can work to), just save the slices as a dxf. Then in DS, via menu Tools-> Markers, import the dxf. The result is not a model, just a set of line drawings to build a model from.

But neither SU ot TC are a good choice for hull modeling. Unlss for some reason you have to keep the original model in TC or SU, you might find it better to start over in DS, where the hull will be easier to make and the result far better. Then export out of DS into TC or SU.