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Hi, when you said “frames”, are you trying to say transverse bulkheads? Or, transverse sideshell stiffeners?

If you just meant stations, then see the answer prior to mine.

If you’re moving the model into CAD and don’t have an app and cannot yet afford Rhino or ORCA extensions and no access to marine-oriented CAD software or even AutoCAD, consider Punch! ViaCAD. It’s what i use to draw my hulls.

Not, however, that the quality of you hull in a dwg or obj file will depend on how clean your waterlines and buttocks are. If you click on the mesh (dwg or obj) and see nodes and rings all over the model, then either you’re missing some waterline connections, or you have many with no stem-to-stern connections. If fairing is bad, that will vex you, too. DELFTship is great. Really great. However, i still export my model in .obj and dxf 3dmesh and zoom in and out extensively and then edit and reimport on top another mesh, keeping on in transparency mode to compare any shape or curvature changes.