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I spoke with an architect about my double bow in DELFTship and i suggested that it shouldn’t be surprising that DELFTship can calculate the resistance since the added bow is just added resistance.

Then, just as he started to add, “But…”, we both started talking about the wave interferences a bad second bulb would create rather than resolve. So, he said, “It’s GREAT that DELFTship is making calculations but is it calculating for wave interferences?”

So, my question is, are DELFTShip Free and Pro versions able to account for different waves and the consequential forms/interferences?

Will there be a way to visualize the waves based on speed, bulb relative positions, and draft? (I’m not sure how much trim and other attitudes play into it other than the general hull shape surface wetted and surface exposed changing the stability and temporarily and locally messing up other calcs…)