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DS v3.2

1. Zero line in Z direction (baseline) stay 0 and only other lines are being recalculated if entire model moved in vertical direction.
2. Zero X line (X-baseline) changes from 0 to an amount the model was moved in longitudinal direction.

I was surprised, there is no way to correct intersections in “Intersection” window or delete only one intersection.

Solution which works so far to bring X baseline to 0.

– Select entire model (Select->Select All)
– Move model that far-end point has X=-0.0001 (Transform->Move->Longitudinal axis->needed amount)

At this point base X axis will start from negative point. Note: If only END point has X=0 you will not be able create X=0 intersection (need to have surface?)

– View->Intersections->Stations->Delete All stations (trash can icon)
– Add station (+1 icon), enter 0 in “New intersection” dialog, click green check mark. It will create 0 X-baseline.
– Move model +0.0001 in X direction. Transform->Move->Longitudinal axis->0.0001

Now model has 0 X-baseline and end point has X=0 coordinates.

-Recreate as many stations as needed with needed distance between it.

Kind of inconvenient, but works.