Numerically DELFTship is way better than Maxsurf which still uses ordinates for hydrostatics and tank calculations. Delftship uses 3D solid models for the calculations which not only looks good, it is also more accurate, especially under trim for example when a waterline would end between two ordinates. In DELFTship you would not have to bother about ordinate placement simply because they are no longer used except for visualization purposes. (see attached pdf file)

Further more delftship provides automatic tank arrangements, grain stability and probabilistic damage stability calculations which are all not available in Maxsurf.

Maxsurf on the other hand has Seakeeper (ship motions) and resistance methods (which are under development in Delftship also)

The most obvious reason to choose for a software package is whether it suits your design strategies, the way you are used to work and of course your economical situation. These factors can only be determined by you, by trying out both (and other) packages. [file name=DELFTship_sample_output.pdf size=328504][/file]