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It looks like I figure out (or may be completely lost) what is going on with SU. I am using SU 7.1 (could be different for other versions).

I need to find volume of symmetrical irregular shape vessel created in SU. So, the better way to do it is to go by displacement and use Delfship (DS) for this. So, I need to export model from SU and import it in DS.

What I tried as experiment: Make model in DS, export it in DXF format, import it in SU, export it in COLLADA, covert to VRML, import it back to DS. I have got different results – needs more research.

Problems/difficulties found:

– DS can export model to DXF file as Metric(meters) and as Imperial(feet) units (no indication of units in the file).
– SU imports DXF file in Imperial(feet) units.
– SU exports model to COLLADA file in INCHES ??? (that why I got over sized model). YOU NEED TO RESCALE MODEL FROM FEET TO INCHES before exporting to COLLADA. For some reasons, SU 7.1 have problems to import created itself COLLADA file back to SU.
– Need to convert COLLADA file to VRML 1.0
– Export it to DS. DS will give you model in METERS.

I made model in SU 10x5x3 FEET. Rescaled it to 10x5x3 inches. Exported it as COLLADA file. Converted to VRML 1.0 file. Imported it to DS. Now I have DS model as 10x5x3 METERS.

Could somebody help me how to make this imported model compatible with DS? It just give me strange shape in 3D. File attached. [file name=SU_Box_10x5x3_inch_from_dae_2_VRML_2_DS.fbm size=25603][/file]