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Attention to DS users who making models in Metric units and want to export it to SketchUp.

It seems like SketchUp (SU) needs Imperial units to correctly import DXF file from DS. DS generate different values in output/export files for projects using different units. But… Exported file does not have any indication what units were used. SU imports DXF file assuming it was created in Imperial units.

If you want SU correctly import your model made in Metric units, change your existing model project’s setting to Imperial units

Project -> Geneal tab -> Units -> change it to Imperial.

Export your model as DXF 3D (mesh or poly lines).

Choose Metric template in SU. Import DXF file from DS file to SU. Now you have correct size of the model and Metric units.

If you do not do this, you will end up with problem like on the picture. These 2 IDENTICAL hulls have the same size in DS – 10m/32.8ft

The one which looks small (incorrect size in SU) was exported from DS when model had Metric units. Bigger one (correct size in SU) when model was using Imperial units settings.