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You model was messed up somehow. All the faces were defined twice. I remove those double faces. In addition some faces used points which were at the same location in 3D space but also defined twice. So one face used the first point while another face used the second point, at exactly the same location. In delftship the faces shuld be physically connected, so putting points on top of another is not sufficient.

Therefor I remove 1 face from the model. By deleting the face the points were also removed, thus solving the problem of the identical points. Then I manually added a new face using the 4 remaining (and by now unique)cornerpoints of the other faces. [file name=SU_Box_10x5x3_inch_from_dae_2_VRML_feet_DS_1-59e76efab3374c4689c48bf9d94406a7.fbm size=11981][/file]