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Jonny Schouh

I already found a “little more” easy way to get format i need by reading in the delftship output with excel.
Regarding the dokumentation-
this is from the poseidon manual:
10.4. Import of Geometry

POSEIDON can import geometry and topology description from an easy to create ASCII file. The file must have the extension “.frm”. To import the data, select a file with the extension “.frm” in the file select box from the File/Import command.

The imported data supplements the data already existing in POSEIDON. Should a conflict arise (for example, when a functional element is imported which already exists in POSEIDON), a warning is issued and the process can be aborted without overwriting the existing data.

Definition of the ASCII File Format

The general syntax of the geometry data of the .frm file is as follows:

• All key-words written in capital letters have to be used exactly as written

• # Comment until the end of the line

• Empty lines in the file will be ignored.

• : real number

• : integer

• […]: entry is optional

• {…,…}: a value has to be chosen

• Co-ordinates for the geometry are given in mm

• LINE a linear connection with the following point

• CIRCLE a circular connection with the next point. The radius can be calculated because the gradient of the tangent at the starting point is used from the previous line.

Syntax of the Frame table


ranges *


LFRAMETAB Keyword for the beginning of the frame table

RANGES Number of ranges in which the frame spacing is constant

FPP Offset of the forward perpendicular (in mm)

REFFRAMENO from the reference Frame No.

The following applies for all ranges (as given in RANGES) in increasing order:

Frame No: Frame No. at which the range begins

frame spacing Frame spacing (in mm) for this range

Syntax of Principal Dimensions



PRINDIM Keyword for the beginning of the principal dimensions

LPP length between perpendiculars (in m)

LWL length of water line at T (in m)

B breadth (in m)

H depth (in m)

T design draught (in m)

VO max. speed in calm water

CB block coefficient

Syntax for the Geometry description


points *


Designation of each frame contour:

FUNCELE Name of the functional element (max. 6 letters)


POINTS Number of the following dimension points (minimum 2)

FA {F,A,H} optional entry of area of validity in the ship longitudinal direction:

F valid forwards (Forward)

A valid rearwards (Aft)

H valid only at this position (Here)

If no area of validity is given, there is no limitation in the ship longitudinal direction.

SYM {P,S} Symmetry

P valid only for the port side

S valid only for the starboard side

If no symmetry is given, the description is valid for both sides.

Example file:


… For some reason Poseidon wont accept my file though