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That’s exactly what i do. I love the stability of Linux, the eye candy of the KDE interface, and the 3D desktop joys of Compiz/KDE4/Plasma and myriad shortcuts to switch to task-oriented desktops that win natively doesn’t match.

I’ve just ditched Mandriva yet again (love/hate relationship) in favor of PCLinuxOS this weekend, and spent under 4 hours for the trial install to see what i could break/fix and then reinstall for my go-ahed config. Now, when i open VBox/SunXVM and run Win 7, the two are seemingly even snappier than under the previous kernel. I’m at Vbox 3.2.6, NON-OSE version (so i can have USB functionality).

Besides, my quarantining of win inside of Win4Lin from 92 thru 97, and of Vista/Win7 has been personal, political, and to avoid win-attracting virii. But, also, KDE just has a vastly more functional desktop experience and eye candy on install. All that makes it feasible to not have win be my portal to the Internet(s). If only Punch! ViaCAD had a native Linux version… and if only DelftShip and ViaCAD had live, two-way feedback to each other to act like RhinoCeros and other apps. (I don’t use ACAD, Rhino, AutoShip, ShipConstructor, etc. Either they are too overkill, too geek/programmer/engineer oriented with steep learning curves, or have GUIs stuck in the late 80’s early 90’s).

By the way. SOmething the VBox users need to take note of: Watch out for timestamps being altered when files cross the internal/virtual NIC between Linux & VBox/Win. If your work flow depends on having files retain their original creation dates, you may have to first zip the files on either side of the NIC and then cross over. However, a similar problem occurs on a pure windows network: here, at work, if i burn CDs by copying files directly from the LAN, the windows (or the software ms commingled with windows) will always destroy and replace timestamps. This is horrible for developers who NEED to have clients report back the files’ dates that need to correspond to development activities. So, i have to copy the files from our LAN to my task station, and from there to the disk to be burned. It took a few minutes to convince our lead programmer i wasn’t losing my mind.

If anyone knows of the current fix/workaround please share.