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Hi Andre,
In the layer properties you can nominate the thickness of hull and superstructure materials and its cubic weight, the results can be viewed in View–>hydrostatics–>under hydrostatics report in the Layer
Properties section the totals and centre of gravity are shown. For all other weights such as interior furnishings, ground tackle, tanks (water and fuel) engine, crew, winches etc etc etc and there COGs, the Load Cases module is designed for this purpose. You can also add the COG of the yachts ballast.
I use the Tanks module to add the ballast to the keel because it treats the keel as an other tank and the lead weight fits exactly inside the keels interior walls. In the Tank module you can nominate the cubic weight be it water, diesel fuel, lead, concrete or iron.
In the Load Case module all tanks created in the Tanks module can be auto tranfered in to Load cases and LC will balance the yacht or ship for you and provide you with a detailed report including Stability Curve and you can import Windmoments and Windsilhouette and also if your vessel passes IMO Stability Criteria which I dont fully understand.
Mind you, if your only designing one yacht most of this can be done with pen and paper, if you have the time and your maths is a lot better than mine.