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System just swallowed my message ;( Writing it again.

I took “Trace demo” file used as DS tutorial (how to transfer lines to DS) and exported it as DXF 3D mesh when DS was showing both sides of the hull.

Then, I imported it in SU, exported it as COLLADA file. Converted COLLADA file to VRML 1.0 and imported it back to DS.

VRML file was about 2 Meg and it took DS ~10 min to import ot on Core2Duo 1.4 MGz processor. Hull looks OK in 3D, but not all lines the same as original. Hydrostatics are off too. When choosing “show both hull’s sides” option, it shows double hull. I attached image of DS in “half of the hull” option too.

I will try to export only half of the hull from DS as DXF 3D mesh. Will see what happens.