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Have you checked your project settings? It seems some are having issues if they import DXF (IIRC; see the Sketchup threads) when the project and the source app are one in metric and the other in imperial.

Yeah. It is me who experimenting with all this export/import things between different 3D/2D software ;))

It could be just SU 7.1 problem exporting into COLLADA file. Even if SU shows smaller (exported) model(Metric/Imperial), it still exports over-sized result.

I converted DXF (exported from DS) to VRML and imported it back to DS – no problem. It disables some functions in DS, but workable.

I would like to have DS Pro one day, but for now, DS Free is good enough for me to work with symmetrical models. I just need to make them from paper, that why I play with all this export/import staff.