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You can move them all by using the menu’s “select; all” feature. Then, use the menu’s “transform; move” (to translate) all the selected lines.

You may want to also select the option to move all related/associated surfaces/faces/objects (i forget the exact terminology) along with those points.

Select the appropriate x/y/z axis distance you need.

Figuring this out enabled me to take a naval hull model and get the hydrostatics/resistance sheet to stop erroring out. Someone who saved the 5415 hull shoved the sonar/baseline away some 6′ and ONLY after i corrected to distance would DS read the file’s information. At first i though the file’s author did it intentionally, and it was frustrating to wrack my brain wonderin who and why such a thing would be done, but DS enabled me to relieve that stress.

SUP at $495 would be painful for me if i needed any of SUP’s features. SU and SUP have very nice features, but for now i am contented with DS Free! and ViaCAD Pro, hopefully being able to buy DS Professional in a few months.