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Hi Kevin,

The forms are defined as default Windows modal forms. This means the forms retain the focus of the program until they are closed, even when minimized.

In my copy of winsows (Win7, 64 bit) this works as follows (see screenshots below):

  1. The first image shows the mainscreen with the plate developments window
  2. The second image shows what the screen looks like right after the plate developments window has been minimized. You can see there’s no trace of the window.
  3. The last image shows the minimized plate development form at the bottom left corner. It was visualized simply by clicking on the delftship mainform, Windows automatically shows the form which has the focus on top of it. In this case it is the minimized plate developments form. Click on the restore or maximize button in the title bar of the minimized for to restore its original size again, so you can close it or do whatever you were about to do.