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no the buttock lines cant be used for stringers because the curature at the bow is to servere. You can add your own, in programs like Rhino or AutoCad and other such 3D programs. Delftship is used to create hull and superstructure but its not a construction program for internals, although I have managed to make it do a lot of things that it was never intended to do.
Your second question about stations is yes, although you might have to move them this way or that to line up with internal bulkheads but I do try to keep them reasonally evenly spaced apart. And because your building in steel you wont have to reduce the ribs by the hull thickness.
Question 3, if your doing a one off build the off-set table for lofting is a lot simpler than designing for CNC construction. All the major parts have to be designed then nested onto the steel plate then there is tool path generation an code checking, its an area full of witch craft and other such hocus pocus, only for horses and fools like me.