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The way it happens to me is not when I have a single point in selection, but when I have multiples in selection. Selecting 2 or more point, then directly clicking into the input field causes the program to “jiggle” or pause, then suddenly all points in selection are thrust to (IIRC) zero of whichever input box is clicket. I have to hit Ctrl+Z, then re-enter the value I was previously preempted from entering.

SOMEtimes, so not consistently, clicking on the title bar of the coordinates box seems to interrupt whatever set the zero-effect into motion. Sometimes, merely clicking the blue area sets the zero-ing into motion. This even is so in freeship, so it must have been an issue wayyy back in 99 or later. But, i’ve only used since year 2008 whatever was current then.

Thanks, Marven, for attending to this. It caused me great stress and occasional discombobulation, but I just incorporated it into the wrokflow, hehehe