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adriano natalini

Hi Dida,
May be you can help in this (simple?)case.
I’m trying to get the sheer line curved at the joint sheer line/transom boundery edge which will become joint of transom/sheer line/deck
What I would like to achieve is to let run the bulwark over the transom on a curve over the hull
avoiding that sharp corner which normally we get. I should mention that the free board has a tumble home shape. So it would be no problem to extend the bulwark out on the hull
I tried several ways starting also from closed deck, but this brings other problems, inserting simply control points would be easy but of course get nearby frames distorted!
You mentioned earlier to build a new face but how in this case, I tried but got only a mess!
Attatched a screen shot of my model, plan view, without transom and deck.
My question is, is there any simple way to make a curve on a boundery edge without interfering other hull parts?
thanks for any suggestions