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adriano natalini


Well, I am trying the simplest way but still cannot understand why the system doesn’t work all the way through?
Have 3 layers: hull, quarter deck and transom on
Got perfectly curved surface well intersecting both hull and deck!
Now have problem in trimming eccess of both hull and curved surface :angry:
I’ve tried several ways but it’s messing around!
I’ve to mention that when intersecting layers I’ve to do this twice i.e. Hull+Transom (this works only up to the sheer line only!) and deck+transom to get new control points on deck. may be this’s a normal procedure?!
Anyhow do you know in which order and which tools should I use now to get rid of both eccesses?
I would be very thankful sothat I could then go to next stage finally!
Adriano 🙂