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adriano natalini

Hi Rurudyne,
I am very thankful for all yr efforts and time spending here and sometime feel uncomfortable if I cannot interpretate or use yr instructions completely in a correct way and this due to several factors.I think mainly due to the fact that I did follow yr instructions but somehow the result is not there , sometime due to some wrong hidden interactions which are not allowing to move ahead.
I just descovered one. Indeed I do now get an intersection on the hull but only up to certain point.
The problem is caused by the fact that I did model the quarter deck and bulwark previousely not correctly.
Since we need, when closing the transom, the deck crown line, q-deck in this case is approx. 10 cm. higher than the main(fore) deck, so I had extrude the sheer line up to the quarter bulwark and the close the deck. It seems to be a tricky interaction since my main bulwark is running aft (under the quarter deck area) only ornamentally (old classic way) on the hull without joining the deck as on fore deck. At least this is my intention! So I’ll start again, first starting from one simple deck to make it more simple. Then I have to see, once closed the transom, whether I can delete the actual deck, go back to again by extruding the quarter sheer line to build up quarter deck with its bulwark?! :unsure:
I think I have first (it should work) to model the transom with the simple curved surface or a half cylinder which work almost in the same way.
Oh… it will not take long to write a book on this transom issue!
At least we contribute to keep the forum alive!
Cheers 🙂