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John R. Coil

The problem you are having is the lack of control edges in the plane used as intersect layers will only insert control points along existing edges.

Since your hull at the transom is the shape you want it to be another way to get your transom is to create a new face directly from those CPs. I find that it looks prettier if you subsequently connect the CPs across the new face … otherwise the rendering will come up with its own control net and those can look a mite goofy. Unless you were using compounded curvature you only need to do this in the vertical-ish direction (not all lines will be straight up and down. Then you can do away with the curved surface you used to get those point on the hull during cleanup.

Aside: came across this old joke again the other day and I’ve been wanting to pass it along.

Three men — a mechanical engineer, a chemist, and an economist — were out sailing when a storm wrecked their boat and left them stranded on a remote island. Fortunately the boat’s owner, the engineer, had thought ahead and had a supply of canned goods for emergencies … unfortunately he only thought to buy an electric can opener and it was on the bottom anyway since no one had grabbed it while she was sinking.

“This is not a problem!” the engineer wanted to sound upbeat, “I mean, sure we don’t have a can opener and nothing to make a can opener with but back in the 19th century people were opening cans for years before can openers were around so all we’ve got to do is find some suitable rocks and have at them till they break open.”

“Too much work.” the chemists grumbled, “We should start a fire around the cans. When the contents boil as they cook the pressure will blow the tops off the cans and then we can eat.”

“Sound dangerous.” the economists countered, “But if we assume a can opener….”