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adriano natalini

Many many thanks Rurudyne,
that curved surface tool either ways is very helpful and for sure I’ll have opportunities to use it “on board” again. I appreciate yr help because not easy to get it generally from the forum, not many members are able or willing or waterever to help or even just simple comments would be appreciated, even from the administration side little more assistance would be wellcome!.

Anyhow, you’re far more expert than me and would like to ask you another suggestion if you do not mind:
If I have to work into fine design details (I do not know how far fine details can be achieved by DS ) but I cant use extra control points on the normal control net!
f.e I would like to work and refine the bulwark ends, would be the only or best way
by adding a box, of same dimantions as bulwark of course, on an extra layer, use “subdivide control net” tool and work on it?
By the way I am working on my dream sail boat modernclassic, very much influenced by those beautiful old American Grand Banks schooners! I love them!
I do not want take too much of yr time you can answer simply yes or not.
Adriano 🙂