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adriano natalini

Thanks a lot again Rurudyne for yr kind efforts to help!
Last night after sending out the post I was playing around with that flat surface.
Actually I am not bound to any fixed radius, therefore I tried to model the surface by hand adjusting both transom edge to the curved surface and vice-versa as per attatched screen shot. It might sound a short cut of yr method but it appears to me (at least to my experiences) to be pretty pratical since I can adjust any spots around the transom until it pleases my eyes and straight away!
After intersecting the layer I’ll get the new shaped transom picture and if not yet happy I can work on it again?!
Definitely with this software there are lots of options to work around problems just need “simply” how to master them! Anyhow it’s very enthusiasming whenever I can see any small piece added to the boat!
I would be pleased to have yr opinion about any possible “reverse side of the medal”.
Adriano : :unsure: