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adriano natalini

Hi Rurudyne,
Thanks a lot for the detailed explanations and interesting tips.
Actually I wasn’t that far but meanwhile I’ve overcome the problem.
Now I am not so sure whether you start from vertical (to base line) surface or not?!
Definitely, straight away we can give the surface the desired inclination as shown from my attatched picture. At this stage, I wouldn’t see much difference by using “add Cylinder”tool here I have to match by trial and error the radius but that’s all! Since, in my particular case, it’s matter of a regular surface of an inclinated cylinder, whatever small or larger, which I am fine with.
My question is: what is the advantage by using curved surface by help of sci calc vs. cylinder?
May be it’s a stupid question but, if you do not mind, I need to understand it properly
Thanks in advance for yr kind comments and patience.
Adriano 🙂