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John R. Coil

I realized that I didn’t actually have to finish a transom to show what sort of results you can get.

I also realized, now that I put the results side by side, that rotating or not doesn’t make much difference … sort of a “Homer moment”.

Here’s what I came up with using a minimal radius of 6’6″ where the transom itself (if left intact) would be 4’10”.


All the red aft of the green surface would get cut away if the model were completed on the basis of that transom.

Double that radius to 13′ and this is what I got:


Depending on the effect wanted I could go with an even wider radius for an overall flatter transom or I could do something between these two … possibly in an effort to keep some of that lower line on the narrow radius version without having quite so much cut away up higher.

EDIT: I just realized I’d forgotten something important. Throw in at least 1 extra control edge very near the center so the resulting transom doesn’t end up with a hard chine down its middle.