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adriano natalini

Many thanks Rurudyne,
well.. it does sound easy for you but not simple for me.
Am novice to cad and DS and no teatcher, not easy to move forward!
Unfortunately I do not know how to model a curved surface separately (most probabily starting from a cylinder?!) Definitely mastering math formulas lot of things can be achieved but through this path there is long way to go for me.
Now down to earth, the way I am doing isn’t that much far?!

-After modeling hull including approx. transom side sweep
-Close the deck to get the the top transom curved edge
-from plan view hand adjust aft deck y-axis curve (it could be a regular or ellipse kind of curve)
-From the body plan view I have a full contoured transom which needs now to be closed
-by inserting proper control point values (top aftdeck cl and keel cl points) achieve a matching inclinated cylinder of course on a separate layer, which intersects the hull aft end
The main problem for me is to match the desired transom radius due to the inclination, nevertheless both hand adjusting (compromising) “trial&error” hull to cylinder or cylinder to hull is a tedious job which can easily bring to a mess.
I suppose yr way would avoid lots of hand adjustments and messing around!
If you’re a patient guy and have some more time to spare to try to explain how to model that curved surface separately (without involving too much math) I would very much appreciate.
Anyhow I thank you somuch for yr kind efforts.
Adriano 🙂