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adriano natalini

I ask the Moderator

Hi Marven,
it looks like that nobody in the forum is able to help me.
I had some depression/hole on hull surface and I used “subdivision control net” for fairing and it seems to work out, but no idea whether this was the best way to go?!
I need now to work on the deck crown of each beam and on the waterlines curvature at the transom area. Do you have any suggestion how to switch off that “subdivision control net” mode to get back to the normal “Control net”. I think on normal control net mode is the best way !
It’ s avery exiting software but unfortunately there many questions and even with
DS tutorial I do not move easy forward?!
Pls also kindly let me know whether any comprehensive DS manual to buy is available
This would be also a good solution for me at this early stage.
Thanks in advance