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adriano natalini

Good morning Dida,
Thanks I managed it without problem it’s basically very simple (but need to know how!) The “Crease” tool is all about!
I’ll have after that to delete the deck to go back to the( new )sheerline to build up bulwark and deck back again.
Anyhow finally I got that nice old style! Thank you.

By the way, am facing some problems getting a smooth transom surface, indeed my transom is far from that (allmost) square shaped one Martijn is showing in the video, mine is prettycurved in all X-Y-Z axis and consequently have problem in filling back the missing portions when creating new face while in “interior edge” mode. The result is that I get that kind of “cris-cross” net mostly around the transom rand (this not having all the way down the needed 4 c/points to create a new face!) :angry:
I’ll try few more times and if the problem persists I may ask for help again?!
Adriano 🙂