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Guillaume Barjou

So, are your planks on different layers?


I add a new layer “border”, I select the outter edge of the hull in the “bottom” layer, and I extrude it in the “border” layer

I do extrude the new part IN the “border” layer

Look at the following examples

Thanks for you complete and detailed examples, they are very clear 🙂

Remember: the simpler, the better!

well, I agree with that, but I am not currently creating a boat out of my mind, but re-creating an existing one, with its shapes/curves… and it is made of developped plates, I use some old images of its plans to try to build it inside Freeship. I am a bit confused, or I am missusing freeship, or it cannot hold those curves to develop them.

I’ve joined the two pictures that I am using for making the plans, maybe the shape is not developpable with freeship?

But I tried even one time without curving the bottom of the hull before extruding the border and it was already not developpable, I must miss something :dry: