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I select the outter edge of the hull in the “bottom” layer

I ain’t sure I was neat enough: Take care to understand the layers’ thing. When you extrude a polygon’s edge, the new polygon you’ll create will pertain to the layer whose name you can read at the Layers dialogue box’ bottom. In your case, you must read “Boarder” as layer name, thus any new polygon you’ll create will pertain to the Boarder layer, even if it was created by the extrusion of a polygon from an other layer (Bottom layer). If you miss this point, the developability is impossible, and I’m affraid there’s no way to move a polygon from a layer to an other layer, except to delete and re-draw it… and when you understand this, you may have a whole net of meshes to re-draw. That’s why I suggest to use different colors for each layer (layers’ dialogue box). You can also check for the layer mistakes by displaying them only one at once, but it takes much more time. 😉

So, are your planks on different layers?

If they are so and if the developability is still faulty, it can be because of an useless complexity of the design. Look at the following examples:

– In the first example, the median lines (I circled their center) are of no use, but they make the bottom to be considered as non-developable… however it is developable.

– In the second example, I deleted these lines. But two simple and unused points lost on the middle of their lines (not corner points) can be considered as harmless… but they spoil the whole boarders’ developability computation.

– In the third example, I finally deleted the points, too, the design is as simple as possible, and it looks finally developable.

Remember: the simpler, the better!