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Guillaume Barjou

If you wish to cut plywood planks based on your design, you have to keep in mind that planks can be bent in only one direction

thanks, I do understand this, and I am using an already existing design, which is build with 3 sheets of plywood, so it works fine in reality but not in Freeship, the ways I have tried until now.

So, once the bottom is drawn, Create a new layer and rename this new layer “Border”,select the Border’s layer, then select the bottom plank’s outter edges, and extrude them upwards and slightly outwards. This wild create the border’s ***base*** in the Boarder’s layer , and they will be knitted together. Now, select each point on the border’s top and move it to its final coordinates

Except for the layer trick, it is exactly one of the ways I’ve tried, I have to try again with layers, but I did have extruded the border from outter edge of the bottom.

In fact I believe that it doesn’t run well in the bow, and in your nice and detailled example, you’ve done cutted bow :cheer:

I am building a model of the ship right now (scale nearly 3/10), and I used my Freeship plan, without using the developped plates, I’ve copied some significant sections and I’ve made some female templates, inside which I will bend my sheets of plywood. The tricky part will be to ajust the sheets to the desired shape, but I have a few tricks in mind to avoid complications 😉

But it would be easier to print the developped plates 😆

Thanks for your help. I will try again this method but with the layer hint also 🙂