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Peter Edmonds


I hope Icare’s example/solution is of value. I haven’t looked at it yet, and I am a very new user of DS.

I believe it is important to understand something of the developable plate process to manipulate your surfaces effectively. Have a look at the first half of my recent response to the “Developable Surfaces” topic.

The dory shape you provide looks readily developable. Dory design, with its relatively simple hull surfaces, should lend itself to generating the developable surfaces. The shapes will be largely from cylindrical elements, with minimal use of conic surfaces. The simple test is that it should be quite easy to plank up many a dory hull shape in sheet ply, with negligible alteration to vessel shape.

Once you have an understanding of the developable surfaces, and are working accordingly, it becomes an issue of dealing with it within the techniques and vocabulary of DS. (This latter is part of what I am trying to address.)