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giorgio zuppin

Touchè. My fault and apologize: I’ve used improperly the word ‘Kogge’ – when you think and write in a language that’s not yours AND you’re not an expert, it happens – Anyway I’ve done a small housework:

It seems to me that the use of a solid keel and the research for a strong ocean-going style hull, are very old issues: back to the Bronze Age or so.
Construction methods, technology, size and fashionable hullshape, has varied due to economic demands and the whealtiness of the society.
Further, maybe we miss the link, but it must be through late empire and Viking design.
And for Viking design I intend the Knarre, not the Long boat that is a wonderful design, but was not the purpose-built ship for the ocean.
Hope that all this will redeeme my faults.
With regards.