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giorgio zuppin

Well, Iosif, it’s a point of wiew: I’ll agree but not on what you state on the Norsemen.
It was indeed a small revolution in design, but it came out as a linear developement
of the Kogge design adapted for small, fast boats in a coastal environment with no proper moorings and then stressed out for ocean going raids.
That’s my point of wiew.
Anyway what I really ment in the original post – I admit it was a bit murky and not properly
explained – was that in maritime design, like any other human activity, we can recognize,
I think, some distinct periods of alternate conformism and then rapid evolution, as
cultural, political and globally social conditions changes.
The point about the X bow is that we assist now at a flourish on new or newly adapted – that’s my reference to the ancient world – designs, that are faesible due to our actual technological advance, look back at the last century of marine construction: in some ways it’s a bang.
Thank you and goodbye.
Jurgen 54.