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Hi Alex!

I don’t understand the word “cave” in this context :dry: .

But, yes, you can “cut” your hull in four different directions:

– horizontally (waterlines) 🙂
– lengthwise (buttocks) :side:
– cross-sections (stations) :silly:
– diagonals :sick:

You can find this under the TOOLS tabProjects ToolsIntersections (the second button from the left: Hull & scissors).

In the dialogue box, choose the tab corresponding to the cut direction you need.

Then, click on the dustbin. Yes! Deleting them all is a good way to begin, thus you can cancel the default settings and order your owns.

Clic on the “+N” button and choose your own settings:
– Start & End values are the X, Y or Z minimum and maximum you’re interested in (waterlines for the aerial aren’t specially useful!).
– Interval is the distance between two cuts (1 by 1 centimeter is possible… 0.1 millimeter by 0.1 millimeter, too! :woohoo: )

The “+1” button adds only one new section (section = cut in technicalese).

Nothing new appears? Activate the sections’ visibility:
Click on the convenient button under the HOME tabHull display: Black, red, blue or black (again) hull frames (not the View buttons grouped on the right).

Is this the answer to your question?