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michael f. berg

Hi everybody,

here is my last – still unfinished- model. (An Arab saying is: When the house is complete the owner dies. So leave things uncomplete!)
The ship is an “Schebecke” of algerian corsars of the 18th century.
This “Latin” Rigg gave them crucial(!) anvantages over yard rigged ships.
They could go much higher to the wind and easily and quickly could go through the wind…
Data are extracted from Fredrik H. af Chapman “Architectura Navalis Mercatoria” of 1764. Reprint edited by Delius, Klasing & Co, 1984.
The Rigg is taken from Marquart: “Bemastung und Takelung von Schiffen des 18. Jahrhunderts”, VEB Hinstorff Verlag Rostock, 1986.

I know this is not the use Delftship is made for, but I love the program and have learned now by extensive use of export and import to get what I want…

Have a good time all together