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Haugen Marc

…And don’t forget, The uploaded files must be quite light because the DeftShip server has NOT an infinity of storing space (check for the very first post on this thread). Personnally, I upload only JPeG files, 800×600 pixels and with a size of 100 Kb maximum.
The DelftShip team is kind enough to allow us to upload pictures just for fun, so don’t abuse!.

DasBoot: I assume an impportant piont is what’s the vertical position of the Center of Gravity, and this point is known by the shipyard only… if someone does… Anyway, it must be on a quite high position, as it is on any modern liner. Nothing to see with the World War II battleships.

We have data on loads and KG. Beside there is a retired NA professor on the Forum who review & comment our work. We just need a FS/DS artist who can ‘hammer’ the plating better and faster that we can (at our speed the salvage will be completed before the model is). completed)