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John R. Coil

Here’s the “San Jacinto 88” I mentioned in my Twin Keels In and Hyrdostatics Out query:


So … how do you get the thumbnails and non-downloading pop ups for this forum? :unsure:

EDIT: I used Eric Sponberg’s presentation on The Design Ratios ( to look at this boat in-so-far as it’s presently possible. There appear to be some good things about it.

First, as it heels over the Center of Flotation seems to move forward slightly (which Sponberg claims would help in pointing higher).

A Displacement/Length Ratio of approximately 219 makes it a light cruiser by Ted Brewer’s classifications … not a racer, though with gobs of sail (SA/D of 23) it would have good performance (S# of 3.1 or a borderline “racer”) according to the S# calculation provided; but, even with a modest SA/D of 14 the S# is still 2.1 … still a “cruiser” and not a “lead sled”.

Motion Comfort Ratio seems to suffer if I use its ‘actual’ waterplane area coefficient (which is 0.771 … SJ’s meant to be roomy) rather than the generic “0.65” used in the equation but still promises a better than average but still in the “average” range level of comfort even with an SA/D of 23 (and better than average comfort with a mere SA/D of 20) … I like

Stopped cold at trying to figure the Dellenbaugh Angle though, since that seems like it would take figures from an actual rig design.

This is fun! 🙂