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michael f. berg

Hi, Icare,

for some years I did white water canoing with a kayak somewhere in Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland. So I am much interested in your kayak development.
My son actually is kayaking on the Baltic Sea, but he relies on his arms, not on a rigg, even when crossing from Sweden to Finland…
The problem of the rigg being in sight of the man at the steering wheel is very old: but he is not alone on the ship. These yard sails under the bowsprit in use up to the 17th century were called “blinde” because they made the man at the rudder blind.
It is a more ore less theoretical problem.

As an answer to your nice Canadair-like water planes: For many years I plan to make a flying model of the “Dornier Whale” used by Roald Amundsen to fly to the north pole. The story is most interesting but it seems not to belong in the D.S. forum…

Thanks for your answer

My next model in Delftship could be a Dornier Whale