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Hello Michaelf!

As you must have noticed it, I’m using the Delftship/Freeship software for much more than what it was designed for. I consider this as a way of trainning, of getting “acquainted” with the software… without getting bored. 😉

I like your arabe saying, and it reminds me a so-called mexican one: “Mañana, amigo! Mañana…” that means “Tomorrow, my friend! tomorrow…”.

I’m very interested in your Schebecke bacause I’m working on designing a kayak, and I’m thinking of using a Latin rig. But I’m affraid the front part of the sail can block the sailor’s lign of sight. Do you have an opinion about this possible disagreament?

Meanwhile, here you have my vision of a hull… made for speed! :silly:
Can you see the slight evolution of the project?