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Calcagni, the files that you saw at were made by myself using Delftship (based on Francois Chevalier drawings), they are not original files from Raison. As so, they are just speculations, anyway they show the essence of the concept as mentioned and detailed on that post.
What Raison has done is just a scow, an old and very fast concept used for a long time in sheltered and flat waters all around the world. Raison’s originality resides in using it in open waters, where a scow is supposed to be slow because of his poor capabiliy to cross big waves without bouncing, and his big resistance to manage chop.
I don’t see this hull as a tank trimaran, but just as a tall scow.
I don’t see any problem on scaling down the 747. If you forget the idea of doing a “true” model with his true LOA/DISP, rig, sails, keel and rudders, and if you take care of the IOM rules, certainly you will achieve the same advantages and disadvantages as the 1:1 boat. It will plane easily and fast, but will perform a bit poorly against the wind.
Good luck!