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Hello Marven,

thank you for your quick response.

But what do you mean by ‘recreate’?

To be sure, I have performed the following reproducable process:

(1) deinstalled my current DS Free
(2) deleted all directories established by DS
(3) installed 4.38.130 from the DS site
(4) started a new model
(5) exported the default hull as a part
(6) tried to import the part – FAILED
(7) updated to 4.46.158 with the update function
(8) started DS and opended a window
(9) tried to import the part – FAILED

I have tested this procedure on two notebooks (Windows 7 64 bit) with the same result.Because I use DS for about three years, rookie mistakes should be excluded.

Exporting and importing parts with 4.46.158 is free from defects. Of course, in some respects this problem is a theoretical one, because there is no need running 4.38.130. But if the failure is not due to an operating error on my side, this could perhaps point to a bug.