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In regard to my last post on keels, if the Intersection Curve didn’t form properly this is what to do next time. Before you create the Intersection Curve, with the keel protruding through the hull put a control point on the leading and aft edge of the keel where they intersect the hull. Use the alignment tool (Project Selected Points on a Straight line) so the edges are straight then create your Intersection Curve. The new curve will automatically connect to those two new control points and there will be no gaps along the curve.
Then turn your new Intersection Curve into a crease and turn the old curve at the top of the keel into a normal and then remove the old edge by Merging (don’t delete) then I straighten out the centreline using the alignment tool and there will be 2 redundant control points on the center line one towards the beginning and one towards the end that you can remove if you want.
Now all of this is pretty unless if you havnt aligned the LCG of the keel directly below the hulls LCB and you havnt got the correct Lead for the rig you are using.