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Hi Anthem,
its a bit hard to work out what when wrong when you cant see it, when you pressed Intersect Layers, a box appears to see if you want the intersection in the keel or hull, I prefer the Keel myself because you will move the keel back and forth to balance the hull and create your Lead. Any way when you create the intersection curve it sometimes leaves out the beginning and the end part of your newly created Intersection curve and you have to join it up manually by clicking on the control points at the end of your new curve and the centre line of your keel, highlight them both and insert a new edge. Then turn the new intersection curve into a crease and then turn the old curve into a normal and then Remove the edge, use the remove icon on the bar (dont delete it). If that doesnt work you can send me your model and Ill have a look

Bulbs you can download a bulb from the model database, go to Downloads and click on the model on the left and it will get you there, there is a model called Little America 9m, you can nick his bulb Save it as a part and import it into your model as a part and Scale it. Or you can do it the hard way which means your on your own,…………. well I told you it was hard.