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simon whitehouse

Mike and Marven, thank you very much for your help, the answers were so simple I now almost feel a little silly asking the questions, I suppose as the old saying goes, it’s easy when you know how!

I do now have a couple of other keel related questions though, hopefully which don’t have quite such obvious answers!

I’ve read mike’s really clear description elsewhere on the forum on how to join a keel to a hull, and followed it carefully- but when I choose the option to find the intersection of two layers, the program doesn’t think there is an intersection between the bottom of the hull and the aft end of the keel, even though I’ve checked their measurements on the transverse axis are both 0.0 (on the centreline), and made the keel slightly longer than necessary (poking up inside the hull) to be trimmed off. this makes the shape of the keel go haywire when the top protrusion inside the hull is trimmed, because it doesn’t have the control point where the aft edge of the keel meets the hull. any ideas?

next question, could you please give me some pointers on where to start with modelling a torpedo shaped keel bulb to be imported as a part and added to the fin on my design?

Thanks again guys, the forum is really helpful!