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Steven Lewis

Sorry…that doesn’t make sense to me. Offsets for the hull should be able to plot the curves of the shear, chines, keel etc. How are you going to do that with a grid of straight lines such as waterlines and station intersections will give. I should be able to draw a section of the hull with the offsets provided for that section and have a representation of the hull. The way it is laid out now…all you would get are points on the hull that have no controlable relationship to points on the hull that I want the offsets of…if you get my meaning.

How come there is such a difference between Freeship which gives the knuckles at each station and Delftship? In Freeship I can take the numbers from each of the stations at the knuckles and produce a representative section of the hull in a few minutes. Not that I want to sound like I am whining…but it sure seems that a very useful feature has been removed and replaced with…something else that doesn’t seem too usable.

See example txt attached. [file name=Emerald_alternateDelft_1_26_1.txt size=73688][/file]