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Hi Dave,

I had a look at your file. My suggestions are:

In your model, the inner part of the bottom and the transom are in one layer. Transfer the inner part of the bottom to a separate layer (lets name it ‘hull inner’).

Next, apply the function ‘subdivide controlnet’ two or three times. The crucial point is, that intersection points are inserted in edges only. If you have only few edges, no or very few intersection points are found, and these points ar too far away from the real hull surface (remember, that in subdivision modelling the edges do not lie on the surface). In this case you will get garbage. But the more edges you have, the tighter the control net will become, and it will represent the actual surface increasingly better. Therefore, you have to subdividethe net.

Finally, intersect ‘hull inner’ and ‘hull outer’ with ‘transom’ each and insert new points in ‘transom’.

Perhaps this could be the way to solve your problem, as I understand it.