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michael f. berg

When nobody gives you an answer you have to find it yourself.

First: The program- now DSpro- in version 4.46.158 does offer to transform the markers together with the whole ship again. I don’t know why, but I am glad it does.
Nevertheless I found, it does not make sense to readjust e.g. the stations in a rotated model to the rotatede markers of model.
Simply try it: The new stations or waterlines do not correspond to the rotated markers. Logical, actually.
So in case you feel you have to do readjustments: rotate the whole ship back, do the readjustments and re-rotate again…

The “subdivide controlnet” problem- to limit subdivision to a single layer- you can still now solve by exporting the layer as part, closing your actual project, importing it to a new (empty) model, do the subdivisions there, export it again as part, closing the new model (without saving), opening your actual project again, reimporting the layer:
Dear Marven, this could be simpler, if you allowed to limit the order “subdivide controlnet” to a single layer…

I still would love to have the measuring capability…
Perhaps you could provide as an read-only-interface simply as pipe or a stream where the coordinates which show up in a window when you select a point are listed…

The extruding from closed edges-on your own risk- can be done by..Oh, if somebody wants to know I’ll explain how. Just let me know…

Thanks to Marven and to everybody else for your patience


PS: Personally most I’ve learned from Dida’s questions and Marvens answers. ┬íMuchas gracias!